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Chance Encounter

Some say there are no accidents, but sometimes an accident can turn out to be a very good thing. I was recently in a fender bender, luckily no injuries, and the guy that dinged my car, well I’m glad he did. I was in a grocery store parking lot and he was backing up and… Read More

Telephone Connections

You can tell a lot from a voice. Is it possible to fall in love with a voice alone without seeing the person behind it? If you talk to someone long enough about enough, you can get to know them very well. Someone can also have a beautiful voice and be a lunatic as well,… Read More

Love Is Blind


I had never considered dating anyone with a physical disability before. You never envision certain situations until you are in them. I was trying out this chatline the other night, I’d tried it a few times in the last month actually and had fun in doing so. I’d found the voice greeting of this man… Read More

Chatline Boogie

I have all the luck, and I mean that in the most sarcastic way. I was talking the other night on the chatline to this guy and we really hit it off, talked for hours and he said he was going to be on the last couple of nights and he hasn’t been. I of… Read More

Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I was talking to this co worker of mine and she had a magazine open on her desk and the article was on telephone chatlines and I smirked and asked her if she’d ever called one. She smiled and said yes actually, she’d been using them since college and had a lot of fun on… Read More

Unplanned Date

I have a rather unusual experience with online dating that’s not your every day one. My roommate had an online dating profile set up and had been communicating with this guy for several days. She wasn’t sure about it though, she said he was very nice but she wasn’t sure if she was really attracted… Read More

The Beginning Of A Relationship


Every relationship has to start somewhere, and sometimes they can have pretty odd beginnings as to how they started. Sometimes people meet in a traditional way, other times they couple would lie about how they met because it just might be a little too embarrassing. Meeting someone via a telephone dating site might prove in… Read More